#034 Small Tweaks, Some Patience, Big Gains…

After meeting with a client about a detailed food diary and some nutritional tweaks I thought this might be a good idea to post as there may be some nuggets that people can take away from this.

Some reminders for when you’re trying to make some health and fitness gains…

1. Be accurate: When measuring, tracking and weighing your food be as accurate as possible. There’s always room for error so try to limit error as much as possible.
2. Be consistent: If you’re going to weigh and measure and track your food do it consistently so you can develop an eye for portions and get consistent data to make adjustments when needed.
3. Keep your training consistent: If you train for three hours one day, skip two days, thirty minutes the next etc… Your body will have inconsistent requirements for nutrition and macros. The more well balanced you can be, the better the results and more gains will come of it.
4. Be patient: When you make small tweaks and changes, be patient. Results don’t come overnight. Give yourself a good three weeks of consistency and keep track of your progress. If you’re seeing changes (even small ones), you’re headed in the right direction. KEEP IT UP!

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